2.4. Switches

Switch of external lighting

Lighting is switched off

Illumination of devices is made at the included external lighting.

Switch of external lighting

The socket under a forward electrodistributive box

Marker lights

Marker lights. They can be included irrespective of the provision of a key in the ignition lock.

Forward headlights. Join only at the included ignition. Headlights are automatically switched off at installation of the ignition key in the provision of "LOCK" (is locked).

Driving/passing beam of headlights

Move the lever of the combined switch towards a steering wheel.

Light signal (Blinking light of headlights)

Pull the lever of the combined switch towards a steering wheel.

Adjustment of an inclination of a ray of light of headlights

Some models are equipped with system of correction of an inclination of a light beam that is required at change of loading of the car. The system includes the electric drive on each headlight and the switch on the dashboard.
The switch working only at the included ignition has the following provisions:

0 — From one to three people in the car (only one adult on a back seat), the baggage is absent.
1 — Two or three persons on a back seat (on a front seat there can be a passenger), no more than 30 kg of baggage.
2 — Two or three persons on a back seat, 40-90 kg of baggage.
3 —   and) One or two persons in the car, the luggage carrier is most loaded.
        b) Three or four persons in the car, baggage, there is a trailer.

The switch for adjustment of an inclination of a ray of light of headlights

Indexes of turns

Indexes of turns join movement of the lever up and down.

The lever has the unstable provisions of inclusion of indexes of turn applied at evolutions and overtakings, and the fixed provisions in which indexes of turns remain included until they are automatically not switched off by the return turn of a steering wheel.

If one of two duplicating lamps of tail light of headlights of the index of turn fuses, the second lamp begins to blink with the doubled frequency.

Back foggy lamp

Back foggy lamp. The back foggy lamp is located in the left lamp of a trunk lid. On the CS model it is built in the light panel in a tail part of the car. The lamp joins by means of the switch on the dashboard only at the turned-on light of headlights.

The lever of the combined switch of passing/driving beam of headlights and indexes of turn
   1 — the Right turn
   2 — the Left turn

Backing lamp

Joins automatically at inclusion of transfer of a backing.

Illumination of devices

It is regulated by the handle on the left side of the dashboard.

Alarm system

Alarm system
The sign of an emergency stop is included in the package of the car and is stored under the floor panel in a luggage carrier.

Turning on of the alarm system

The lever of the combined switch of screen wipers and windscreen washers

The combined switch of screen wipers and windscreen washers
   1 — the Interval mode
   2 — the Small speed of work of cleaners of a windshield.
   3 — the High speed of work of cleaners of a windshield.

For simultaneous inclusion of cleaners and washers of glasses of headlights pull the lever to yourself.

Screen wiper/washer of a back window on model 9000 CS *

Work of a cleaner/washer of glass of a back window the same lever, as for a windshield and glasses of headlights operates.

CS models


1. In this case the lever has two additional situation ON/OFF
2. For the intermediate mode it is necessary to establish position of ON.
3. For simultaneous action of a cleaner and a washer situation follows.
4. After several courses the cleaner will pass into the intermediate mode if it was earlier established.

Illumination of salon

Switch of internal lighting
   0 — Lighting is switched off.
   1 — Lighting joins when opening a door.
   3 — Lighting is included constantly.

Illumination of salon consists of the top plafond, a lamp on a rear-view mirror, lamps for reading for forward and two back passengers and door lamps on all doors. The door lamp is lit automatically when opening the corresponding door.

On the top panel of lighting the switch of the top plafond and a lamp for reading for the forward passenger with the switch are located.

Lamps for reading for back passengers are supplied with switches. Lamps for reading can be included only at the included ignition.

Illumination of salon has a delay at switching off.

At position of 1 switch of illumination of salon lighting is switched off or through a timer with a 15-second delay after closing of the last door, or at inclusion of ignition.

Lighting of the luggage compartment

Lighting of the luggage compartment joins and switched off automatically when opening and closing a cover or door of the luggage compartment. Lighting can be turned also off by installation of the switch in average situation.

Fog lights

On some models the fog lights which are built in a forward spoiler are in addition established. And the switch is located under the switch of the main headlights.