2.35. Methods of economic driving

Condition of small consumption of fuel and the minimum wear is smooth driving of the car its regular maintenance.

Avoid strong accelerations and high turns of the engine.

Frequent gear shifting, short trips on the engine which was not in time to get warm, the movement with freight on a roof, operation of the car with winter snow tires - all this leads to increase in consumption of fuel.

The conditions influencing fuel consumption

Fuel consumption strongly depends on the general traffic conditions and style of driving, on weather conditions, on quality of a paving, on a condition of the car, on the speed of the movement and so forth.

Running in

In the period of a running in at a run to 5000-7000 km consumption of fuel can be higher than usual.

Weather conditions

In the winter consumption of fuel can increase for 10% in comparison with summer. In cold weather consumption of fuel increases at the expense of longer time of warming up of the engine, transmission and wheel bearings. Fuel consumption also depends on length of trips: at short (5-8 km) trips the engine cannot get warm up to the working temperature. Strong wind exerts impact on consumption of fuel also.

The schedule illustrating increase of consumption of fuel with fall of temperature of air at cold start of the engine