2.34. Systems of stabilization of stability

Anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS)

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) automatically regulates braking pressure on each wheel. Pressure of braking decreases just before blocking of a wheel then again will raise until when the wheel is blocked. This adjustment of pressure of braking happens to 12 times a second.

The ABS brake system does not shorten a brake way on a gravel covering and snow/ice, but as the wheel is never blocked completely, the driver keeps instead a certain possibility of driving.

Indication of work of the ABS system

The ABS system allows to keep controllability the car when braking

During the work of the ABS system the brake pedal pulsation is felt, and also the ticking sound is heard.

You hold a pedal of a brake completely pressed (it is impossible to press a pedal of a brake too strongly) and taxi.

Never release a brake pedal until the car stops or danger does not remain behind!

On the slippery road the ABS system joins already by easy pressing a brake pedal.
Thus, the driver can receive, by approbation of brakes, information on a condition of a paving and then to adapt for it the style of driving.

System of automatic control of TCS accelerator (cars with engines 2.5 (V6))

As this system works

Problem of System is prevention of skidding of wheels. It allows the car to have the best of possible in these conditions coupling of wheels with the road, increasing thereby traction effort.

The inlet pipeline has two butterfly valves, one of which mechanical and copes an accelerator pedal. Another - electronic also reacts to signals of sensors of four wheels arriving via the ABS system controller. This additional TCS gate is installed below usual, operated by means of a cable. When the car moves and wheels do not revolve, the TCS gate works synchronously with the ordinary gate. The controller of the TCS system "feels" if forward wheels begin to rotate quicker than back. At the same time the operated butterfly valve is closed enough that forward wheels began to rotate with the same speed, as back.

Advantages of the TCS system will be the most obvious when coupling of forward wheels with the road so bad that one of them or both rotate quicker at once, than back wheels.

The indicator and the warning TCS alarm system in the control panel

The TCS indicator lights up when the system is included and the electronic butterfly valve functions.

The warning TCS OFF alarm system burns if in the TCS system malfunction is found, and also if you pressing of the TCS OFF button manually switch off system.
The indicator and the warning alarm system burn within 3 seconds when checking when before start of the engine ignition joins.

The TCS indicator in a tachometer

Text indication in a tachometer lights up when the TCS system works, for example, when the electronically controlled gate functions.

At pro-slipping which demands decrease in torque of the engine more than for 7% the indicator lights up after a short delay (360 ms). If the torque of the engine has to be reduced more than by 30%, then the indicator lights up without delay. After that the indicator it is necessary to burn until the system is included (but not less than 1 second).

The driver has to perceive inclusion of the TCS system as reaction to decrease in coupling between the tire and the surface of the road that warns him to be more attentive.

Switching off of the TCS system

The system can be switched off manually pressing of the TCS OFF button then on the control panel the TCS OFF indicator lights up. Speed should not exceed 60 km/h. Repeated inclusion of system can be executed pressing of the TCS OFF button irrespective of car speed. After start of the engine the TCS system is switched off irrespective of car speed.

At start of the engine the TCS system always joins.

If темпостат joins when the TCS system begins to change the provision of a butterfly valve, then in 1 second темпостат will be switched off.

TCS OFF button

Malfunction in the TCS system

If in the TCS system there are malfunctions (mechanical or electronic character), then in the control panel lights up and constantly the warning TCS OFF alarm system burns.
After that the electronically controlled butterfly valve will be completely open and will cease to move. In that case the TCS system will be switched completely off, and it needs to be checked for car repair shops.