2.28. Start of the engine

At start of the engine be convinced of a garage that its gate are open that poisonous carbon monoxide disappeared. Also leakage of system of an exhaust can be the cause of poisoning with carbon monoxide.

It is not necessary to force a starter to work more than 15 seconds in a row. Before new attempt make a pause of 20-30 seconds that the accumulator was restored.

It is not necessary to give big turns to the engine and to strongly load it until it is heated-up. It is possible to start when the warning oil pressure lamp that the engine got warm up to the normal working temperature as soon as possible goes out.

Start of the engine

The engine is equipped with the computer-controlled air gate. It should be started as follows:


1. Squeeze out a coupling pedal (the manual transmission). Do not touch an accelerator pedal.
2. Start the engine, and after the beginning of its work release the ignition key (in very cold weather, perhaps, it is necessary to work with a starter up to 15 seconds).
The car engine with automatic transmission can be started only at position of the lever of the "P" or "N" selector. It is necessary to allow to the engine to work on single turns about 10 seconds. It is not necessary to squeeze out completely an accelerator pedal earlier, than in 2-3 minutes after start.

The engine is equipped with the unattended hydraulic pushers opening valves. The gap of valves is established at the plant and does not demand adjustment during operation.

Under some conditions hydraulic pushers can make the clinking sound, are heard in salon. It is the most probable at the first moments after start until pressure of oil reached normal level.

At hit of air in the lubrication system after replacement of oil or an oil filter or if the car long was not operated, emergence of the clinking sound is also possible, and it can proceed up to 15 minutes. It is not malfunction.

However at emergence of a similar sound it is not necessary to raise engine turns to its disappearance over 3000 rpm.

Every time at switching off of the engine of a spark plug are automatically cleared.

Important points when driving model of the Turbo

Start of the engine and driving

It is not necessary to squeeze out the accelerator accelerator pedal to a floor until the sensor of temperature does not show the working temperature (N). If the arrow of the manometer of a turbo-supercharging constantly comes into the red sector, deceleration of power of the engine can be caused by the emergency cut-off limiting pressurization pressure. In that case it is necessary to address on car repair shop.

Under some atmospheric conditions of the shooter can quickly come into the dotted red sector. It is normal.

On the engine the cut-off mode which is not allowing to develop turns over 6000 min. is provided.

Switching off of the engine

It is not necessary to suppress the engine at once after its high turns, and it is necessary to allow to it to work idling. It is necessary not to damage the turbo-supercharging compressor working empty in the mode of insufficient lubricant.

Automatic control of power on a detonation (ARS)

The engine uses optimum gasoline with octane number 95. One of advantages of the ARS system is that it allows to use without prejudice to the engine gasoline with lower octane number, though not lower than 91. However the engine reaches optimum traction and economic characteristics on gasoline with octane number 95.

The ARS system regulates turbo-supercharging pressure according to engine tendencies to a detonation. An easy detonation during short periods - the normal phenomenon. It can arise at load of the engine at its turns about 3000 rpm., at the same time intensity of a detonation will depend on fuel octane number.

Some manifestations of a detonation are more probable when using low-octane gasoline. Such controlled detonation accompanied reduction of pressure of a turbo-supercharging shows that the ARS system works normally, and it is quite safe for the engine.
However if at increase in load of the engine constantly there is a detonation, it means that in system there is a malfunction.

If the car is equipped with the catalytic converter, then it is necessary to apply only unleaded gasoline. At admissions of ignition (not all cylinders of the engine work) the catalytic converter can be damaged.

It is not necessary to start during the operation of the engine with interruptions!

If the engine is started by means of the tow and almost reached working temperature, right after start all four cylinders have to work at it. If the attempt of start by means of the tow terminated in failure, then you should not repeat it.

The system of ignition working under control of the oxygen sensor

1 — the Oxygen sensor
(Lambda probe)
2 — the Catalytic converter