2.27. Lock of ignition and lock of steering

The ignition lock at turn of a key from extreme situation clockwise has the following provisions.

LOCK - the provision of locking

The provision of locking is reached by turn of a key counterclockwise to the full. This only situation in which the key can be taken from the lock. At this provision of a key parking fires, the alarm system and illumination of salon work.

Ignition lock

It is impossible to take out a key from the ignition lock to a full stop as at the same time the steering column will be locked and the car will become uncontrollable. At switching off of the engine amplifiers of steering of brakes will not work.

Leaving children in the car, always you carry away the ignition key with yourself.

OFF - ignition is switched off

The steering wheel is not locked in this situation.

ON - ignition is included

In this situation all electric equipment works. It is not necessary to leave a key in this situation at the idle engine. It is necessary to turn a key in the provision of locking and to take out a key.

Provision of check

This intermediate position between position of ON and the provision of inclusion of a starter. It gives to the driver the chance to check work of the warning and indicator lamps and pictograms.

ST - inclusion of a starter

In this situation the starter joins. At release of a key it automatically comes back to position of ON. The car is equipped with blocking of a starter. It means what after unsuccessful attempt to start the engine a key needs to be returned in position of LOCK before making the following attempt.