2.22. Doors and locks

The system of uniform locking is put in action from locks on both forward doors.
It unlocks and locks all doors and a cover of a fuel mouth. The system of uniform locking can be also put in action from within the car from the switch on the central console. However, it cannot be put in action from locking buttons on doors as each of these buttons locks and unlocks only the door.

If you want to leave the car with open doors, it is desirable to close nevertheless them so that the burning lamps in the doorway did not discharge the accumulator.

Lock of a door of the driver

   1 — Closing
   2 — Opening

Switch of the uniform lock

Blocking of doors for safety of children

   1 — it is included
   2 — It is switched off

If it is necessary to leave the car with widely open doors, it is necessary to take out safety locks of internal lighting and the electric drive of seats (safety locks with numbers 16, 25 and 26).

Back doors are equipped with blocking of doors for safety of children which joins and switched off by means of a clamp on the door lock. At the included blocking of a door it can be open only outside.

In case of accident the locked doors can complicate assistance outside.