2.13. Seat belts

It is necessary to fasten seat belts always.

To fasten a belt, it is necessary to extend smoothly it from the coil and to implant a uvula into the lock.
The lower points of fastening of belts of front seats are located on seats and, therefore, move at adjustment of provision of seats back and forth.

Seat belts of front seats are supplied by automatic natyazhitel. These natyazhitel work at strong head-on collisions, limiting movement of a body at blow. At weak head-on collisions, at side and back blows, at oprokidyvaniye they do not work.

Seat belts, natyazhitel and other parts of system of passive safety are subject to survey after each collision. Saab recommends replacement of all seat belts assembled working at collision.

At operation of an inflatable safety cushion both belts of front seats need to be replaced.

Correct provision of seat belts

Belt guide on a door pillar

The provision of a guide of a belt on a rack of a door allows adjustment on height.

For adjustment of height it is necessary to squeeze a mobile part in the direction of an arrow, to move it in the necessary situation and to be convinced that the guide was recorded in new situation.
For ensuring the maximum protection the lower part of a belt has to settle down as low as possible and fit hips, and a diagonal part has to fit a shoulder not too close to a neck.
Make sure that the belt is not overwound and it was not hooked for any sharp edge that the belt does not give a weak point anywhere.

It is not necessary to reject too a seatback as the design of seat belts provides protection only at the normal provision of a back.

To unfasten a belt, it is necessary to press the red PRESS button.

When using of a belt the most part of time the inertial coil is not locked, and the belt does not constrain movements. However if to pull or to sharply extend a belt, the coil is locked. The coil is also locked if the car is inclined, is in the mode of intensive braking or at collision.

The warning lamp on the top panel burns if someone from sitting on front seats did not fasten a belt.

The seat belt for the average passenger of a back seat consists only of a nabedrenny part and its length is regulated manually. If necessary adjust its length, having unbent a buckle clamp at right angle to a tape of a belt and having extended a tape.

Tighten a belt until it fits tightly a body. To unfasten a belt, it is necessary to press the red button on a buckle.

Pregnant women

Future mothers have to fasten a belt so that it did not press on a stomach. The lower part of a belt has to settle down as low as possible on hips.

Adjustment of a nabedrenny part of a belt

Check that at movement forward or when folding back of a pillow of a back seat belts were not jammed.