2.10. Protection of the audio system against theft and additional functions

The audio system is protected from theft in two ways.

One of ways is that the forward panel of the radio receiver with command keys can be disconnected as follows:


1. Switch off the audio system.
2. Disconnect the forward panel of system, having shifted the rectangular clamp located above group of nine keys to the right.

Without forward panel the audio system cannot work.

The second way of protection against theft consists in a four-digit code of blocking. This code is given in the card attached to the audio system.

The four-digit code is programmed at the plant and is not subject to change. Therefore it is important to store a card with a code in the reliable place, but not near the audio system. At loss of a code address on Saab car repair shop.

At an accumulator detachment, dismantle the audio system and in any other case of the termination of power supply of the audio system needs to enter a four-digit code of protection anew by means of keys of the bystry choice as follows:


1. Turn on the audio system (on the display the message of CODE IN will appear).
2. By means of keys of the bystry choice enter four figures of a code. If at the same time the incorrect figure is entered, it is necessary to finish input of a series from four figures and to begin the following attempt. After input of four figures it is necessary to press the BAND key within more than three seconds to clear the display. On the display there will be a message of CODE IN again and it will be possible to enter the correct code.
3. If the wrong code is entered three times in a row, before the following attempt it is necessary to wait one hour at the included system. Further it is necessary to enter the correct code from the first attempt, otherwise again it is necessary to wait for an hour more.

Decrease in loudness of the audio system in operating time of phone

At installation of phone in the car it can be connected to the audio system so that the loudness of the audio system will automatically go down in operating time of phone.

Volume control of road messages

At desire it is possible to adjust the loudness of road messages as follows:


1. At turning on of the audio system it is necessary to hold THAT key pressed, at the same time on the display the message of VOLADJUST will appear.
2. Adjust loudness.
3. Press any other key or wait 5 seconds to keep the established loudness level in memory.

Installation of a radio telephone and intercom

At installation of a radio telephone or the intercom without separate external antenna in salon electromagnetic fields can appear.

Electromagnetic fields in salon can be unhealthy.
Electromagnetic fields in salon can interact with car electric equipment.

Therefore it is recommended to attach a radio telephone and the intercom to the external antenna which also increases quality of transfer of reception at increase in radius of action.

For safety reasons when using of phone it is recommended to stop the car in the convenient place.

The radio telephones and intercoms which are not a part of the standard equipment Saab can interact in an unpredictable way with electronic systems of the car and cause false preventions.

Before installation of the non-standard equipment it is necessary to consult at Saab car repair shop.