17.8. Adjustment of the main headlights - the general information

Exact adjustment of the main headlights is possible only with use of the special optical equipment and has to is made in respectively the equipped representative office of SAAB.

Some models are equipped with a control system of adjustment of the main headlights which main objective is change of an inclination of light of the main headlights for the purpose of compensation of various loadings of the car. Adjustment of headlights is made by means of the switch installed on the forward panel ("Torpedo") which puts the electric motors of adjustment installed in a back part of assemblies of headlights in action. Depending on loading of the car, the switch can adopt the following provision:

Position of the switch

Loading of the car

to 3 people (no more than 1 on back sitting) without baggage
to 3 people on back seats, to 30 kg of baggage
to 3 people on back seats, to 90 kg of baggage
to 3 people on back seats, the full luggage compartment, or to 5 people,
full luggage compartment, towage of the trailer