17.1. General information

In this Chapter all electric systems relating to a car body are described. The description of system of start, system of ignition and system of charging are provided in the Head Sistemy of start and a charge.

The components which are contained in electronic actuation devices (ECU) are sensitive to the level of the static electricity produced at normal functioning of a human body.

After a rassoyedineniye of electric sockets, open contacts of blocks of electronic actuation devices, at a touch to them can easily apprehend the available electric charge that leads to damage and even failure of components of the block - damages can be imperceptible, and can prove at once. At observance of the following rules during the work with electric systems, it is possible to avoid expensive repair.

   a) After a detachment of the electronic actuation device touch only its casing; do not allow contact of fingers or the tool with contacts of electric sockets.

   b) During the work with ECU periodically ground the body at a contact to such metal objects as unpainted water pipes that leads to dumping of the static electricity which collected in an organism.

   c) Do not leave electronic actuation devices disconnected from the electric sockets for more than necessary time.