16.8. Removal and installation to the place of a cowl and a forward lattice


Carrying out this operation will require the help of the assistant.



1. Open a cowl and prop up it the thick probe.
2. Disconnect hoses from a tee snuffled windscreen washer.
3. By means of the lever take fingers from loops on both parties of a cowl; after release of fingers, firmly hold a cowl in order to avoid an inclination it forward.
4. The screw-driver unclench clips on connections in top of each rack of a cowl. Disconnect the hinge and remove washers. Turn racks forward and their oboprita on wings.
5. By means of the assistant lift a cowl and lower it on its edge, having used a substrate for protection of paint.

Installation into place

Installation of a cowl is into place made as it should be, the return to a removal order.

Forward lattice

Remove 4 screws fixing a lattice to a forward cross beam. Access to screws is possible through a forward part of a lattice near blocks of headlights and along the upper edge of a lattice. At installation of a lattice into place, pay attention that on each end of bottom edge of a lattice, from the inside, there are plastic fixing ears which have to be put on the directing plugs near blocks of headlights.