16.7. Removal and installation to the place of a rear bumper



1. Park the car on the flat platform and cock the emergency brake.
2. Behind arches of back wheels remove two screws which fix bottom edges of a back spoiler to side moldings of a bumper.
3. Open a trunk lid / door of a back and lift the panel over office for a spare wheel, having enshrined it in the lifted provision. For ensuring access to edges of the panel of decorative carpet finishing, take the rubber sealing strip going on the region of the luggage compartment.
4. Delay a rug behind blocks of back lamps, having passed a fixing eye of a luggage carrier through an opening in a rug.
5. Assembly of a bumper fastens four bolts - on two on each party of the car, directly under blocks of back lamps. The top bolts serve also for fastening of fixing eyes of a luggage carrier. The lower bolts are closed by plastic panels in half of the luggage compartment which, for ensuring access to fixing nuts, have to be removed. Remove all four nuts, supporting a bumper at removal of the last.
6. Remove a bumper from a car body, separating it from a body perpendicularly, then remove rubber washers.

Installation into place

The bumper is established into place as it should be, the return to a removal order. All fixing nuts have to be reliably tightened.