16.3. Care of an upholstery and rugs

Doormats and rugs, for removal from them of grains of sand, have to be exposed regularly to cleaning by means of a brush or the vacuum cleaner. At their strong pollution, take them from the car and subject to cleaning by means of a scraper and a sponge, then, before installation into place carefully dry.

Seats and panels of internal finishing of salon have to be cleared by wiping by a damp rag and structure of Turtle Wax Carisma At emergence of spots on them (which are more noticeable on light obivochny material) for removal of pollution from fiber structure of material, use a small amount of liquid detergent which you put with a soft brush.

Do not forget in the similar way to keep clean the ceiling panel. At application of a liquid cleaner in interior of the car, try not to moisten excessively cleared surfaces. Excess of moisture is absorbed in seams and soft stuffing of the panel of an interior, causing emergence of spots, an unpleasant smell and, even, rotting.

In case of casual hit of excess of moisture in the car it makes sense to spend certain efforts for careful drying of salon, paying special attention to rugs. Do not set for this the purpose in interior of the car oil or electric heaters at all.