16:26. Removal and installation to the place of the central console



1. Disconnect a negative wire of the battery and shift it from the plug aside.
2. Remove the protection cover of a control lever of the transmission / lever of the selector for ensuring access to the frame which is under it. Give the fixing screw and remove a frame.
3. Release the panel of the switch of the electric drive of opening / closing of a window from the console, having pushed a finger through a control lever opening the transmission and having pressed the panel from below. Mark the electric socket of a plait of wires and cables for simplification of the subsequent assembly, then disunite the electric socket and remove the panel.
4. Take out plastic caps and remove two fixing screws which are on control lever console sides the transmission.
5. Take the adjusting screw and uncover with a bristle of the lever of the emergency brake.
6. Shift up to the end forward both front seats, then for ensuring access to back fixing screws of the central console, unbend edges of a rug back. Give screws and remove all console. There where is available, disconnect wires of lighter / illumination of an ashtray of the back passenger.
7. Take fixture and remove finishing panels from each party of forward section of the central console. As fixture tightening hairpins which can be removed without damage, by moving of teeth of an old fork under their heads and their careful extraction outside are applied here. Do not try to take fixture, having pulled for the finishing panel; clamps at the same time can slip through the panel or vyshchelknutsya entirely.

Installation into place

Installation of the central console is into place carried out as it should be the return to a removal order.