16:22. Removal and installation to the place of external elements of finishing of a body

Emblems and finishing moldings



1. Panels of side finishing of a body, rubber strips, emblems on a cowl, a trunk lid and a door of a back are fixed on the places by a combination of latches and an adhesive tape.
2. For removal of elements of finishing of a body, choose as the lever the suitable tool by which the painted body surface, for example, the plastic pallet or a tapering knife which is wrapped up by a polyvinylchloride tape cannot be damaged.
3. Insert the lever between the upper edge of an element of finishing and a surface of a body and carefully delay an element before release of tightening clamps; in case for fastening of an element it is used more than one clamp, begin office of an element with one end and move lengthways on an element, releasing a clamp behind a clamp.
4. Gradually delay bottom edge of an element of finishing from a body, disconnecting at the same time an adhesive tape.
5. Clear a body surface, having removed from it the remains of dirt and adhesive of an adhesive tape.

Installation into place

Shoot the protective film from a new element of finishing of a body. Apply an element the upper edge to the seat and insert tightening clamps into their openings. Accurately apply bottom edge of an element of finishing on the place and densely press it so that the adhesive tape reliably was fixed on all length of an element.

Finishing of arches of wheels

For removal unscrew flantsovanny nuts, having removed them from the hairpins passing in a wheel arch. Take out finishing from a wheel arch, removing it from the hairpins passing through.

Before finishing installation into place, smooth out a wheel arch surface, having removed all dirt from a wheel arch around adjusting openings.

Lokera of internal arches of wheels

Lokera of arches of forward wheels consist of two formed plastic panels forming forward and back sections. Both sections are fixed by means of the flantsovanny screws and nuts which are screwed in in a body.

On forward right section there is a removable rubber slip which is easily removed for ensuring access to pulleys of an auxiliary driving belt.

For removal of loker at first remove finishing of an arch of a wheel as it is described in the previous subsection.

Both sections of a loker of an arch of a wheel can be removed by simple removal of fixing screws; the first the forward section has to be removed. Pay attention that on late models, for removal of forward section of a loker of an arch of a wheel, it is previously necessary to remove a sleeve of cooling of a brake from under a forward spoiler. It is reached by simple removal of fixing screws.