16:21. Removal and installation to the place of the panel of the movable hatch of a roof

General information

In view of complexity of the mechanism of inclination / movement of the movable hatch of a roof, successful holding procedures of repair, replacement and adjustment of components of the hatch, requires a certain qualification. Removal of the movable hatch of a roof demands preliminary removal of a ceiling upholstery that in itself is tiresome operation which that is simple to execute not so (see the Section Removal and installation to the place of panels of internal finishing). For the above-stated reasons information which is contained in this section is limited to the description of removal/installation into place, assemblies of the driving motor, and at emergence of any other problems connected with the movable hatch it is recommended to address to representative office of SAAB.

Assembly of the driving motor



1. If there is a suspicion on malfunction of the driving motor or the components accompanying it, first of all check a condition of a safety lock (see the Head Sistem of electric equipment).
2. Bring the movable hatch of a roof into such situation that the conducted its edge fell into an inclined open state; in case the driving motor does not operate, use the manual cranked spindle located behind the panel of the top console.
3. Install the ignition key in the provision of "OFF" It ("is switched off"), then disconnect a negative wire of the battery and shift it from the plug aside.
4. Remove the fixing screw and lower from a roof the top console of switch / lighting (see the Section Removal and installation to the place of blocks of external lighting).
5. Disconnect electric sockets, previously having marked them for the subsequent installation.
6. Weaken and take three fixing screws and remove assembly of the driving motor from support.

Installation into place

Installation of assembly of the driving motor is into place carried out as it should be, the return to a removal order. At the same time, the adjusting tag on a big leading gear wheel, has to be turned to a small gear wheel; it corresponds to inclined position of the hatch.

If gear wheels are not in this situation, temporarily connect into place a negative wire of the battery, connect the plug of the driving motor to the electric socket and, the hatch drive switch, start the motor for reduction of gear wheels in required position.