16:20. A windshield and the fixed not opening glasses - the general information

Except for the fixed window leaves of back doors (address the Section Removal and installation to the place of a windowpane and the regulator) these glasses are fixed on the places by special glue. Replacement of such fixed glasses is a complex of long and dirty operations which performance lies outside qualification of house mechanics.

Without long experience of implementation of this procedure to achieve good sealing at installation of glasses into place very difficult. Besides, this work is connected with risk of casual damage of glass, in particular it concerns a puff windshield. In view of the listed reasons for owners of cars is strongly recommended to entrust performance of this work to qualified specialists of car service or specialists of representative office of SAAB.

On the cars equipped with systems of safety cushions / an auxiliary security system the cemented windshields, unlike standardly equipped cars are established that ensures safety of glass during a detonation of an air bag; do not forget to warn about installation of such glass of specialists in replacement of glasses.