16:19. Removal and installation to the place of external door mirrors

Mirror glass

In case removal of glass of a mirror needs to be made as a result of its damage, carefully separate not fixed splinters from the panel and only behind that start the procedure of removal of glass. Protect your eyes and hands goggles and gloves. Put glass splinters in the marked capacity, for the purpose of avoidance of damage of strangers.



1. The direction switch the provision of a mirror incline mirror glass as far as possible up.
2. Insert into an opening on a back wall of a casing of a mirror the screw-driver with a flat sting and enter a sting into a cut of a plastic disk.
3. For combination of the third cut with the center of an opening in a casing, turn a disk on two clicks to the right.
4. Remove mirror glass from a casing.
5. If glass of a mirror is removed as a result of damage, do not forget to remove splinters of glass from a casing and to make sure that the adjusting mechanism of a mirror is not jammed by splinters.

6. At mirror glass installation into place, you watch that the cutting plastic disk was established into place so that plastic ears on the back party of a mirror coincided with cuts on disk inside. Establish mirror glass in a casing, having inserted the screw-driver into an opening on the back party of a mirror, and having turned a cutting disk on two clicks to the left, having fixed by that flew down on the place. In conclusion check functioning of the electric regulator of provision of a mirror and the antimisted device.

Assembly of a mirror



1. Disconnect a negative wire of the battery and shift it from the plug aside.
2. Remove the panel of an internal covering of a door (The section Removal and installation to the place of an internal covering of doors).
3. Release from a clip on the door panel a mirror cable bunch, then disunite electric sockets: one - a heating element of a mirror and one - the motor of the regulator of provision of a mirror.
4. Remove mirror glass.
5. For ensuring access to fixing screws of a mirror, remove the plastic panel of finishing from the inside of a door.
6. Weaken and remove three fixing screws, having removed a metal plate from the lower support.
7. Separate a mirror from a door, removing outside a wire and the electric socket. Remove a rubber casing from assembly of a mirror and examine it regarding detection of signs of wear and damages, if necessary replace a casing.

Installation into place

Installation of assembly of a mirror is into place carried out as it should be, the return to a removal order. The procedure of installation of glass of a mirror is in details described in the previous subsection.