16:12. Removal and installation to the place of an internal covering of doors

Forward door



1. Disconnect a negative wire of the battery and remove it from the plug aside.
2. Remove the screw of fastening of a 2-colored bulb of illumination of salon when opening a door on the edge of a door. Remove lenses, having disconnected the leading edge from a back part of a pocket of doors.
3. Remove the fixing screw from a casing of a bulb of illumination of salon when opening a door.
4. If the panel of a covering of a door of the driver, by means of the screw-driver with a flat sting is removed, you vykovyrnit the switch of opening of a trunk lid / door of a back. Disconnect the electric socket and mark wires on the party of a plait for simplification of the procedure of installation into place.
5. Vykovyrnite the plastic panel of the switch directly under the internal handle of a door. On a driver's door, on the panel, the switch of electric drives of mirrors, on both back doors is installed, on panels switches of the electric drive of glasses (on a forward passenger door the deaf panel is installed) are installed.
6. Remove the screw under the panel of the switch and remove a door handle rim.
7. With Vykovyrnite plastic covers in the top and lower part of the gripping handle of a door, then, having removed fixing screws remove the handle. Pay attention that on late models the gripping handle remains attached to the door panel, however adjusting screws have to be removed.
8. Remove plastic covers on both ends of a door pocket, then weaken and remove screws. Pay attention that these screws, actually, fix an internal covering of a door to the door case, the pocket, at the same time, remains attached to the panel.
9. By means of the tool with the wide flat edge (such as a tapering knife) which is wrapped up by a polyvinylchloride tape take the pressed shpilechny clamps fixing an external rim of the panel. Insert the tool from one of the parties of each clamp between the panel of a covering of a door and a door and carefully raise the panel until the clamp is not disconnected. (At installation of the panel into place, shpilechny clamps, after combination with the landing openings, are just pressed in these openings).

10. Remove the panel from a door, taking a finishing strip from a window opening and passing the button of opening of the lock through an opening in the top part of the panel.

11. On early models the door panel will be fitted by a plastic moisture protective foil. Having begun with any corner, carefully separate a film from a door, watching that it constantly was hardly tense, in order to avoid adhesion. Ideally, after removal the film has to be replaced. However, in case the old film is established into place, pick up the suitable place where the film can be suspended for the upper edge, until installation into place.
12. On late models the door is covered with a combination from the extending foamy material and sound-proof laying. Both that and another fasten on the place by means of steel spring clips which have to be removed carefully, in order to avoid drawing scratches on the painted surfaces that can lead to design metal corrosion.

Installation into place

Installation of the panel is into place made as it should be, the return to a removal order.

Back door

The procedure of removal of the panel of an internal covering of a back door, is almost similar to the procedure described for forward doors except that on late models in the panel the fan of an obduv of glasses, in order to avoid their fogging is inserted; at removal of the panel do not forget to disconnect the electric socket of the fan.