16.1. General information

The body of the car gathers from the sections which are blocked, made of stamped steel fastened among themselves by means of spot or shorny welding depending on the location of connection and loadings expected in this point of a body as under normal conditions operation, and in case of accidents.

The general rigidity of a body increases due to use of the rigid longerons which are built in panels of a body, steel flanges, window and doorways, and also imposing of the gluing structure for fixing of glass connections.
The forward stretcher comprises seats of support of the engine, a forward suspension bracket, transmission and steering transfer. Assembly of a back suspension bracket pribolchivatsya directly in system of the longerons forming the panel of a floor of the car, doors pribolchivatsya to constructive racks And yes Century. Forward wings also, pribolchivatsya more often, than are welded, for the purpose of ensuring their removal for repair or replacement in case of accident.

The bottom of the car is covered with an anticorrosive covering on the basis of polyester, and also an anticorrosive compound.
Such processing provides protection against spontaneous influences, and also serves as an effective acoustical blanket. The interior of the car, the luggage compartment and a motive compartment are also covered with the felt impregnated with bitumen, etc. the soundproofing materials.

All models are equipped electrically with the operated lobbies and back windows. Glasses of windows rise and fall electric motors by means of the ropes connected to mechanisms of regulators of windows. The main panel of switches is installed on the central console from where all windows can cope and be blocked. Besides, on panels of a covering of back doors individual panels of switches are installed.

All models are supplied with the uniform lock put in action from the lock of a driver's door. The uniform lock puts in action locks on all four doors, a back door / trunk lid and a cover of a mouth of the gulf of fuel. The forward passenger door and a back door / trunk lid can individually open; in case of malfunction of an electric chain locks of a driver's door, door of the forward passenger and a back door / trunk lid, can open-be closed manually, by means of a key. Besides, manually, from the luggage compartment, the cover of a mouth of the gulf of fuel can open. Mechanisms of the lock are put in action by blocks of servomotors which can be separated from assemblies of locks and are replaced individually (see the Section Removal and installation to the place of motors of drives of the uniform lock).

The system is run by the electronic actuation device (ECU) which is installed on a bracket under the forward panel ("Torpedo") in salon from the driver.

Models since 1988 the issue, in certain cases, are in addition equipped with a safety cushion for the driver who is built in the center of a steering wheel. Since 1993, this system becomes the standard equipment. Since 1994, in addition in certain cases, the safety cushions for the passenger which are built in the forward panel are established as natyazhitel of seat belts of the driver and forward passenger were established. These components are a part of an auxiliary security system (SRS) operated centrally by the electronic actuation device (ECU). The sensors which are built in a casing of the electronic actuation device and installed in a forward part of a motive compartment turn on in case of front blow, causing actuating by the electronic actuation device of natyazhitel of seat belts and pillow(s) of safety that considerably reduces risk of blow of the people sitting on front seats about a steering wheel, a windshield and a steering column.

Special precautionary measures which have to be carried out during the work with the cars equipped with safety/SRS pillow are given in the Section Removal and installation to the place of components of an auxiliary security system (SRS).