15:13. Removal and installation to the place of assembly of a back nave


On early models the nut of a nave is stopped by expression of a hole over a flute in a shaft. Before beginning to give a nut, unbend a nut flange for its release from a shaft back; use for this purpose a chisel and the hammer.


1. Park the car on the flat platform, establish a transmission control lever in the provision of the first transfer (the manual transmission) or the selector lever in situation "P" (automatic transmission) and prop up forward wheels. Weaken bolts of fastening of the corresponding wheel.
2. A back part of the car also establish to Poddomkratta it on axial support, remove a wheel.
3. Remove a brake support, an arm and a disk (see the Head the Brake system). Pay attention that there is no need of a detachment of a support from a brake hose; tie up a support to a screw spring by means of a piece of a wire or a rope, avoiding a hose tension.
4. By means of a kiyanka and the thick screw-driver or a chisel take a dustproof cap of a nave; if the cap stuck tap it on perimeter. Do not use the excessive force as it can lead to damage of a cap and need of its replacement.
5. Establish on a wheel nave nut a face head with the lever. Acquire on a nave two of bolts of fastening of a wheel and insert between them mount; use the mount lever for deduction of a nave of a wheel at a nave nut otdavaniye.

6. Remove a nave nut (and a persistent washer where it is available), then remove a nave.

7. By means of special structure for removal of lubricant clear an axis shaft, paying special attention to a carving and a bearing surface.

You watch at the same time not to damage a thin tip of the sensor of a wheel of the ABS system.

8. Examine an axis shaft regarding detection of signs of wear in the form of flutes in places where bearings adjoin to an axis surface. Existence of a zapolirovanny ring is normal, however existence of an excessive erosion or cracks, indicates replacements of a shaft of an axis and an arm of a nave the need. They are a uniform detail of a back axis and have to be replaced in a uniform set; the description of the procedure is in more detail provided in the Section Removal and installation to the place of a tube of a back axis.

Installation into place

On early models the flange of a nut has to be deformed by cave-in of holes in a flute in an axis shaft carving. Use for this purpose a chisel and the hammer.


1. Grease an axis shaft with universal lubricant, then establish on it a nave.
2. You watch that the nave sat down perpendicularly, then establish a new nut (and where is available a persistent washer) and tighten it with the required effort.
3. Establish into place a dustproof cap and begin to knock it densely kiyanky.

4. Establish into place a brake disk, an arm and a support (see the Head the Brake system).
5. Establish into place a wheel and bolts of fastening of a wheel, then lower the car on the earth and tighten bolts with the required effort. Establish into place a decorative cap of a disk.