14:18. Adjustment, removal and installation to the place of the stoplight switch


On cars with the right steering the switch of a stoplight is installed on a bracket of draft of a brake on a partition on the left side of the car (look the subsection "General Information" of the Section Removal and installation to the place of a brake pedal). The switch is single-knob and initially is in normally closed situation. During the correct work the stoplight has to light up after cave-in of a pedal of a brake on depth of 10 mm.


1. Working in the left foot well, remove the sound-proof panel under the forward panel ("Torpedo"); details watch Body works in the Head.
2. Make sure that the ignition key is in situation "is switched off", then disconnect electric wires from switch plugs.
3. On the end of the case of the switch of a stoplight squeeze together plastic ears and take out the switch, having passed it through an adjusting bracket.



1. The switch has normally closed contacts. Functioning of the switch can be checked by means of the tester (included on measurement of resistance) or the indicator of conductivity manufactured of a bulb, the battery and two pieces of a wire. Connect the device to switch plugs (the order of connection does not matter). The switch has to be in not pressed situation. If the switch functions normally, the device will show short circuit (no more than 1 - 2 Ohm or the included indicator bulb).
2. Press a plunger of the switch and repeat measurements. Now the device will show a rupture of a contour (very high resistance or the disconnected indicator bulb).
3. If the switch does not work as it is described above or provisions of its inclusion switching off are unstable, then the switch is subject to replacement.

Installation into place

Install into place the stoplight switch as it should be, the return to a removal order.