14:17. Removal and installation to the place of a brake pedal

General information

The brake system of the car is essentially developed for cars with the left steering. At such configuration the pedal of a brake influences the main brake cylinder directly through the only rod of a pusher. Cars with the right steering are equipped with the mechanism transferring effort from a brake pedal lengthways on a partition to the bracket which is directly behind the main brake cylinder / the vacuum amplifier of brakes / the hydraulic block of the ABS system on the left side of the car.



1. Park the car on the flat platform and cock the emergency brake. Working in the right foot well, for ensuring access to assemblies of a pedal, remove the sound-proof panel under an instrument guard. For removal of clamps of the decorative panel without their damage read the description of the procedure given Body works in the Head.
2. Remove switches of shutdown of system of a tempostat where it is available (address the Head Toplivnaya and exhaust systems).
3. Remove a fixing clip and take a pin with a head and an opening under the forelock in a point where the pedal connects to a pusher of the block of the vacuum amplifier of brakes.
4. Remove a coupling pedal (only on cars with the manual transmission) (address the Head Stsepleniye).
5. Remember the provision of a returnable spring of a pedal of a brake - remove the bent ends from a bracket and allow a pedal to drop out of a bracket. Remove plastic plugs.
6. Take two small plastic plugs and the metal plug of an axial finger from a pedal - remember an order of their installation.

Installation into place

Install components into place as it should be, the return to an order of their removal. For the cars equipped with the manual transmission according to the instructions provided in the Head Stsepleniye, establish into place a coupling pedal.