14:13. Check and adjustment of the emergency brake

Adjustment of the emergency brake is made after full cooling of brake disks and by no means right after a car stop when disks still hot. Thermal expansion of disks can be the reason of the wrong adjustment.

Scheme of laying of a rope of the emergency brake and mechanism of adjustment

1 — the Cover
2 — a rope Guide
3 — the Rope
4 — the Axial finger

5 — the Plastic clamp
6 — Adjusting nuts
7 — the Lever of the emergency brake
8 — the Button of an otpuskaniye of a doggie


1. If for effective operation of the emergency brake its lever has to be lifted too strongly or if back wheels are constantly jammed, the emergency brake can need adjustment.
2. Park the car on a plain surface, having switched off ignition. Establish a transmission control lever in the provision of the first transfer (the manual transmission) or the selector lever in situation "P" (automatic transmission). You do not zvodit the emergency brake.
3. Prop up forward wheels, a back part of the car and establish to a poddomkratta it on axial support (address Poddomkrachivaniye's Section, towage and change of wheels).
4. Remove both back wheels for ensuring access to brake supports.
5. Take from the central console a cover with a bristle and remove it via the lever of the emergency brake. At the same time two adjusting nuts in the lever basis will be bared; remove a plastic clamp from nuts and put it aside.
6. Unscrew a stopper from an opening of the adjusting screw of the right back support. Use a 4-mm hexagon for turning of the adjusting screw counterclockwise until the end of its course, then turn it back half way. At the same time brake shoes have to depart only just from a disk - rotate a disk a hand and make sure that it rotates freely. If the disk is jammed, unscrew the screw back on a quarter of a turn and again check a disk. Establish into place a stopper of the adjusting screw.
7. On a support insert a 1-mm edge of the shchupovy measuring instrument between the lever of the emergency brake and its emphasis. In the car turn the right adjusting screw in the basis of the lever of the emergency brake clockwise or counterclockwise for reduction or increase in a gap on a support. The gap is exposed correctly when the edge of the shchupovy measuring instrument hardly slips between the lever and an emphasis.
8. If the gap not correct or if the gap is exposed correctly, however a disk is still jammed in blocks, after raising and an otpuskaniye of the emergency brake, check the lever of the emergency brake and a returnable spring on a support regarding detection of signs of corrosion or damages. If no problems are revealed here, ropes of the emergency brake can be jammed inside as a result of corrosion (address the Section Removal and installation to the place of ropes of the emergency brake).
9. Repeat the above described procedure with the left support, this time for adjustment of a gap turn the left adjusting screw in the basis of the lever of the emergency brake.
10. In conclusion install into place on adjusting screws a plastic clamp.
11. Put on the lever of the emergency brake a cover with a bristle and, having lowered it on the lever, fix in the central console.
12. Establish to the place of a wheel, then, having lowered the car on the earth, tighten bolts of fastening of wheels with the required effort.
13. Before starting use of the car, carefully check functioning of the emergency brake.