14:11. Removal, check and installation to the place of the backpressure valve of the block of vacuum strengthening of brakes



1. Weaken a fixing clip (where it is established) and disconnect a vacuum hose from strengthening block valve.
2. Rotary motions take the valve from its sealing rubber plug. Take out the sealing plug from the amplifier.



1. Examine the valve regarding detection of signs of damages, if necessary replace it. The valve can be checked by blowing off of air through it in both directions. Air has to be blown only in one direction - at the air supply from the valve turned to the block of the vacuum amplifier. Otherwise replace the valve.
2. Examine the rubber sealing plug and a flexible vacuum hose regarding detection of signs of damage or damage, if necessary replace.

Installation into place


1. Install into place in the block of the vacuum amplifier the sealing plug.
2. Accurately insert the valve on the place, watching closely to displacing or to damage the sealing plug. Connect a vacuum hose and where it is necessary strong to the valve tighten a fixing clip.
3. In conclusion start the engine and check whether there are no leaks in a valve junction on the block of the vacuum amplifier.