12.8. Removal and installation to the place of automatic transmission


Watch information on extraction from the car of assembly of the engine with transmission in the Head Remont of the engine.


1. Park the car on the flat platform, cock the emergency brake and prop up back wheels. Take off decorative caps of wheels and weaken bolts of fastening of wheels.
2. Cock the emergency brake, then a front of the car and establish to a poddomkratta it on axial support, remove forward wheels (address Poddomkrachivaniye's Section, towage and change of wheels).
3. Merge transmission liquid (address the Head Routine maintenance). Establish into place a drain stopper and strong tighten it.
4. Disconnect both wires of the rechargeable battery and remove the battery (The head Sistemy of start and a charge).
5. Otboltite the battery pallet having disconnected the electric socket of the electronic actuation device of system of anti-blocking of brakes (ABS) from a wall of a motive compartment where it is required. Remove the distributive block of giving of positive food, however do not disconnect cables from the block.

Models till 1994 of the issue.

The measuring instrument of an air stream is very thin component therefore handle with it extremely with care.


1. Remove the fuel filter from a partition, then remove the air cleaner (The head Toplivnaya and exhaust systems).
2. Disconnect also to a zakuporta hoses of the tank of omyvatelny liquid, then remove fixing screws and take the tank from a motive compartment.
3. Disunite the electric socket and remove the measuring instrument of an air stream (address the Head Toplivnaya and exhaust systems).
4. Disconnect the low-voltage socket (where it is required) from the distributor (watch the head Sistemy of start and a charge).
5. Remove a clip and shift a cover of a boot of an intermediate power shaft from a differential casing.

Models after 1994 of the issue.

Disconnect a throttle rope from the directing bracket on the inlet pipeline (The head Toplivnaya and exhaust systems). Tie up a rope to a partition away from the working area.

All models


1. Where is available, disconnect the electric socket from the air temperature sensor on the giving turbocompressor hose. Weaken collars of hoses and remove perepuskny the valve, then disconnect the giving hose from a turbocompressor and the case of a throttle.
2. Disconnect a plait of wires from the switch of fires of a backing / delay mechanism of a starter on transmission.
3. Disconnect a speedometer drive rope / the electric socket of the sensor of speed (The head the Manual transmission).
4. Remove the grounding tire from a transmission case.
5. Note the provision of lock-nuts, then disconnect kickdown rope from a bracket on the throttle case.
6. Otboltite a selector rope from the selector lever - do not divide the sharovy hinge into transmissions.
7. Weaken nipple connection and disconnect an inlet hose of a cooler of transmission liquid from transmission.
8. Weaken a lock-nut and disconnect an external part of a rope of the selector from a transmission case.
9. Otboltite nipple connection also disconnect a returnable hose of a cooler of transmission liquid from a forward part of transmission. Prepare for a certain leak of liquid; for collecting liquid establish the capacity of suitable volume under a junction.
10. Otboltite the clip fixing a maslopodayushchy tube of a turbocompressor to a transmission case.
11. Working under a front bumper remove the plastic pallet and sleeves of cooling of brakes (address the Head Body works).
12. Remove from the engine block a starter, at the same time отболтив a beam of a rack of the inlet pipeline (The head Sistemy of start and a charge).
13. Remove a loker of an arch of the left wheel (address the Head Body works).
14. Remove the bolts fixing the rotation converter to a flywheel - access to them is possible through an opening in a starter. After removal of each bolt turn the crankshaft by means of the wrench dressed on a crankshaft asterisk for the purpose of movement to an opening of the following bolt.
15. For the purpose of prevention of drop-out of the converter of rotation at removal of transmission insert a metal core into a cut of the top part of a casing of the converter of rotation and fix it by the self-clamped flat-nose pliers.
16. Remove a coupling bolt, the fixing sharovy hinge of the lower lever of a suspension bracket to the basis of the left rotary fist of steering system (The head Podvesk and steering).
17. Otboltite from the left tightening bracket on a stretcher, then you otboltit the left connection of the stabilizer of cross stability from the lower lever of a suspension bracket (The head Podvesk and steering).
18. Remove a nut and washers from a bolt of fastening of a beam of a rack of an internal wing to a stretcher.
19. Working according to the instructions provided in the Head Remont of the engine, exempt transmissions from a support on a stretcher by an otdavaniye and extraction of a through bolt; remove a concave washer, having remembered its orientation.
20. Establish a lifting beam across a motive compartment, having fixed its support on thresholds from each party. Establish a beam to the line with the top support of racks. Pick up a beam arrow to a lifting earring of the engine and lift it so that the weight of the engine was removed from a transmission support. Usually at the disposal of house mechanics there is no lifting beam, however the beam can be hired in a workshop of car service. Alternatively for this purpose the motive winch can be used, however at use of the winch you remember that if the car is lowered on axial support, for example for adjustment of working height, then the winch has to be respectively lowered in order to avoid tension of support of the engine.
21. For lowering of transmission from a motive compartment the left section of a forward stretcher has to be partially an otbolchena and is lowered; the procedure is described in the following paragraphs.
22. On a forward beam under a radiator weaken a through bolt of axial connection, then remove two fixing bolts of connection.
23. In a forward left corner of a stretcher remove two fixing bolts.
Weaken a through bolt on axial connection of a back beam under a steering rack, then remove two fixing bolts, one of which also fixes a steering rack. At removal of bolts remember an arrangement of all washers.
24. In the left back corner of a stretcher remove four fixing bolts passing through a basic bracket to the back bearing of the lower lever of a suspension bracket. Remove the support plate under an adjusting bracket, having remembered its orientation. After release of the bearing of the lower lever tie up a back part of the lever of a suspension bracket to a free bolted opening in a stretcher, having used for this purpose a rope - it will help to avoid an overstrain of the forward bearing.
25. Prop up a stretcher for removal of the last fixing bolt, then allow it to fall around the fixed axis up to the end. Take forward and back axial bolts, then remove the left part of a stretcher from the car.
26. Separate the left power shaft from transmission on the internal universal hinge (The head Power shafts).
27. Working on perimeter of the interfaced transmission surface to the block of the engine remove everything, except top, fixing bolts.
28. Establish a jack under transmission and cock it so that transmission weight was transferred to it. Before separating transmission from the engine, make sure that between transmission and the engine there is no connection left.
29. Remove the last fixing bolt from the interfaced surface and separate transmission from the engine. At the same time it is necessary to remove at the same time transmission from the directing plugs on the block of the engine and to disconnect an intermediate shaft from differential - what requires the help of the assistant.
30. After removal of transmission from the directing engine plugs, lower it on a jack from a motive compartment.

Provide good support of transmission for the purpose of reliable deduction it on a jack head. In case of difficulties according to information provided in the Head Power shafts remove an intermediate shaft and a bearing bracket from the engine as uniform assembly then continue the procedure.

Installation into place

Installation of transmission is into place carried out as it should be, the return to a removal order taking into account the next moments:

   a) at installation to the place of bolts of fastening of the converter of rotation to a flywheel grease carvings of bolts with a compound for blocking of carvings, then tighten them with the required effort.
   b) when fixing transmission on its support on a stretcher you watch that concave washers were established into place by the correct image - the convex party has to be turned outside, and ears to get to a cut in the top part of an adjusting bracket.
   c) when tightening all nuts and bolts there where it is required, observe the required effort of tightening.
   d) make adjustment of a tension of ropes of the selector and kickdown (The sections Adjustment of a Rope the selector and Adjustment of a rope of the device of automatic decrease in transfer of transmission (kickdown) of this Chapter).
   e) in conclusion make filling of transmission necessary amount of transmission liquid of the required grade (The head Routine maintenance).