11.9. Capital repairs of the manual transmission - the general information

Capital repairs of the manual transmission - a complex (and often expensive) engineering works which demands use of the special equipment. The complex assumes dismantling and assembly of a large number of small components, exact measurement of gaps and in need of carrying out adjustment of gaps by installation of set of washers and laying. Internal components of transmission are often difficult to be got, besides some of them are quite expensive. Therefore at failure detection of transmission or at emergence of noise during its work as the best decision there will be a transfer of the block for capital repairs in a specialized workshop or installation instead of it the restored block.

However, for the skilled mechanic capital repairs of transmission do not represent an impracticable task in the presence of the special tool and at careful step-by-step approach to work.

The tool kit, necessary for capital repairs of the transmission includes: flat-nose pliers for removal of external and internal ring clips, strippers of bearings, the hammer with sliding brisk (a bolt with the sliding freight), a set of center punches and drifts, the dial measuring instrument and perhaps hydraulic press. Besides it is necessary to have the big reliable workbench equipped with a vice at the order.

When dismantling the transmission do careful notes on ways of installation of various components for the purpose of ensuring their correct subsequent assembly.

Before starting dismantling of the transmission, it is useful to make for himself certain assumptions of the causes of malfunction. It will help you to establish more precisely in what area of the transmission malfunction lies that considerably can facilitate check and replacement of components. Before getting to work, attentively read the section on diagnostics of malfunctions at the beginning of this manual.