11.2. Draining and a flood of gearbox oil in the manual transmission

At manufacturer filling of the transmission with gearbox oil of the required grade is made. In the course of use of the car check of level of gearbox oil regularly has to be made and if necessary its dolivaniye is made; the schedule of routine maintenance of the car is presented in Chapter Routine maintenance. In use the car usually it is not required to make draining and refilling of gearbox oil in the transmission if the transmission is not subject to repair.

Draining of gearbox oil

Before filling in gearbox oil and to measure its level, again lower the car on the earth.


1. Before starting oil draining, make on the car a short trip before warming up of the engine and transmission up to the normal working temperature; such warming up will facilitate and will accelerate draining process, and also will provide removal from the transmission of rainfall and deposits which are available in it.
2. Install the car on the flat platform, switch off ignition and cock the emergency brake. For ensuring access a car front also establish to a poddomkratta it on axial support.
3. Absolutely wipe a surface around a stopper of a jellied mouth which is in the top part of transmission. Unscrew a stopper from a casing and remove a sealing washer.
4. Establish under a drain stopper (it is specified by an arrow) capacity volume at least 2 liters (ideally with a big funnel). The drain stopper is located in the right end of transmission under a power shaft; for unscrewing of a stopper use a wrench. Pay attention that the drain stopper is equipped with the built-in magnet intended for collecting the metal sawdust which is formed in the course of wear of components of transmission. In case the stopper is filled with a large amount of metal shaving, it can be considered a sign of malfunction of components of the transmission.

5. Wait for a full effluence of oil in drain capacity. In case oil is even hotter, take precautionary measures against a scalding. Carefully clear a drain stopper and a stopper of a jellied mouth, paying special attention to carving parts. Throw out old sealing washers; washers have to be replaced every time when unscrewing traffic jams.

Filling of the transmission


1. After oil is completely merged from the transmission, clear carving openings under traffic jams in the transmission case. Establish a new sealing washer on a drain stopper. Apply on a carving a compound for fixing of carvings and tighten a stopper. If the car is still installed on axial support, for oil draining, lower it on the earth.
2. When holding a procedure of the gulf of gearbox oil in the transmission before starting check of level, allow oil to settle in a box during a decent interval of time. Remember that the car has to be installed on a flat plain surface. In order to avoid spilling of oil at its gulf in the transmission, if necessary use a funnel.
3. You make filling of the transmission with necessary amount of oil of the required grade. The procedure of check of level of oil is described in the Head Routine maintenance. If at removal of a stopper, from an opening of level of oil a significant amount of oil pours out or if the level of oil is above a mark at most in the measuring probe (if that is available), establish to the place of a stopper of a jellied mouth and an opening of level again, then make a trip on the car on short distance for the purpose of providing a covering with oil of all components of transmission. After a stop repeat the procedure of measurement of level of oil again.
4. In conclusion establish to the place of a stopper of a bulk mouth and an opening of level of oil with new sealing washers. Grease carvings and strongly tighten traffic jams.