1.8. The autoradio tape recorder with a code against stealing - the prevention

In latest models of the SAAB cars the confidential code against stealing is surely entered into the block of the autoradio tape recorder. The system is involved after disconnection of the autoradio tape recorder from the power supply. Even, if food is immediately connected again, the radio tape recorder will not function again until the confidential code is entered. Thus, if you do not know a confidential code of the radio tape recorder, do not disconnect a negative wire of the battery at all and do not disconnect the autoradio tape recorder from food in the car.

For the correct introduction of a confidential code use the maintenance instruction of the radio tape recorder.

At introduction of the wrong code there will be a blocking of the radio tape recorder and its refusal of work.

If it occurred and if the confidential code is lost or forgotten, address the dealer of SAAB.