1.3. Poddomkrachivaniye, towage and change of wheels


Points of a poddomkrachivaniye (1) and installation of podpor (2).

The jack enclosed as a part of a tool set of the car is intended only for change of wheels - see the paragraph "Change of Wheels" of this Section. When carrying out any works, it is necessary to raise the car with use of a hydraulic (cart) jack, and always to secure a jack by means of the axial podpor established under domkratny points of the car in a forward and back part of thresholds from each party.

For raising of a front of the car establish a head of a cart jack under the strengthened lower frame of a motive compartment. Do not rest a jack head against the pallet of a case or in any of components of steering system or a suspension bracket at all.

Use of an automobile jack for raising of a back part

Arrangement of a back towing ear

For raising of a back part of the car establish a jack head under the strengthened beam in the point adjacent to a back towing ear

Never start works under the car around or near the lifted car without having made sure that it is reliably fixed at least in 2 points.


Arrangement of a back towing ear

Arrangement of a forward towing ear

The Busirovochny ears which are in forward and back parts of the car are intended for connection of a towing cable. Access to a forward towing ear is provided after removal of a plastic cover. At towage of the car always install the ignition key in the provision of "OFF" so that the steering wheel was unblocked, and brake fires and indexes of turns are involved.


1. Before towage release the emergency brake and install the manual transmission in neutral situation or automatic transmission in situation "N". Keep in mind that when braking the bigger effort is required when pressing a pedal of a brake as the vacuum amplifier of brakes is involved only at the switched-on engine. Similarly on the models supplied with the power steering rotation of a steering wheel requires additional effort.
2. Models with automatic transmission, whenever possible, have to be towed with the forward wheels lifted above the ground in particular at suspicion on damage of transmission. In case of impossibility of towage of the car with a separation of forward wheels from the earth, the car has to be towed with with a speed which is not exceeding 30 miles an hour (50 km/h) or on distance no more than 30 miles (50 km) only forward. Pay attention also that in order to avoid damage of automatic transmission liquid has to be added to transmission to a tag at most on the transmission level probe as Routine maintenance is described in the Head. For this purpose additional two liters of transmission liquid will be necessary. Remember that later at operation of the car, excess of liquid has to be merged.

Change of wheels

The spare wheel is located under the panel in half of the luggage compartment. The jack and the handle of a jack are stored together with a spare wheel, the balloon key is in tool kit, located on the right in the decorative panel. For extraction of a spare wheel act as follows:

   a) Lift the panel of half of the luggage compartment and fix it in the top situation, having hooked on a rubber loop for a hook on the right side of the panel.
   b) Unscrew the plastic holder and take a spare wheel from a well in half of the luggage compartment. On some models for release of the holder of a spare wheel the balloon key can be used.
   c) The jack and the handle of a jack are located under a spare wheel.


1. For change of a spare wheel take a spare wheel, a jack and a balloon key as it is described above, and act further as follows. Cock the emergency brake and place props in front of and behind the wheel located diagonalno to a wheel which is subject to replacement. Install the manual transmission in the provision of the 1st transfer or a reverse, on models with automatic transmission establish transmission in situation P. Make sure that the car is installed on the firm platform.
2. By means of the screw-driver pick up and remove the decorative panel in the center of a disk of a wheel
3. Weaken bolts of fastening of a wheel a balloon key, enclosed in a tool set of the car.
4. Shift bolts of fastening of a wheel a balloon key. Establish a jack head in a domkratny point, the next to the replaced wheel and raise the car, rotating the jack handle. After the wheel came off the earth, remove bolts of fastening of a wheel and remove a wheel. On some models in tool set there is a plastic cover for storage of the removed wheel. Establish a spare wheel and moderately tighten bolts. Lower the car and tighten bolts of fastening of a wheel completely in a diagonal order.
5. Install into place the decorative panel of a disk. If there is an opportunity, check pressure in the tire of a spare wheel, if necessary, pump up. Remove props from under a wheel and put a jack, tools and the removed wheel in a well in half of the luggage compartment. Unhook a rubber loop and lower the panel of half of the luggage compartment.
6. On later models the spare wheel has the facilitated compact design and can be applied only in emergencies. Try not to make trips with the established spare wheel on distance more than 3000 km and with a speed more than 80 km/h.